Here’s an idea… how about an embeddable follow-button for Pandora. Just like I can pop in a widget on my WordPress site for people to easily follow me on Facebook or Twitter, why not be able to do that for Pandora too? I’d love to make it easier for people to follow me on Pandora.

I’d also love to make a reason for more people to WANT to follow me on Pandora. As it stands right now, its rather difficult (relatively speaking) for people to actually HEAR what I am sharing on Pandora. (Perhaps this is a reason we don’t see more engagement in Pandora’s social features…)

I would like to propose two possible solutions: 1) for song samples to play outside the app when they are shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (without having to navigate to Pandora to hear them); and 2) for other users to be able to “listen in” to my sessions. And hey while we’re at it, I’d love to be able to 3) save my sessions (somehow, someway).

My likes and dislikes, my shuffle, my feeling in the moment, etc, will always make for a session entirely unique to me. It would be so much more interesting to know that other people out there could listenĀ in to MY session – LIVE – and could experience that with me. Also, how cool would it be to listen in on a loved one’s session, or a celebrity’s session! To me its like being some version of a futuristic AI deejay.

And while I know that Pandora’s licensing would likely prohibit me from saving an actual recording of the session itself (which I could do illegally on my own anyway if i really wanted to). However, could it not save the playlist? and the date and time? and give me a chance to edit it or name it?

Just sayin, Pandora. That would be super cool.